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Picker's Delight


The following are some examples of feathers that have been plucked, chewed, pulled out, or otherwise damaged.  The photos are thumbnails; to see them better, just double click on them.


Chewed Tail Feather.gif (16290 bytes)This is a tail feather that molted, and the shaft was subsequently chewed off.



Plucked contours.gif (28713 bytes)These African Grey contour feathers were severed part way down the shaft; the feather on the right is in two pieces.



Pulled feathers.gif (40365 bytes)These are feathers that have been pulled in various stages of development; the feathers on the left are pin feathers, whereas the feathers on the right are considered blood feathers as they are the upper tail coverts from an African Grey.


Wing Feathers.gif (35095 bytes)The feathers to the right are what's left of a primary feather that was clipped; the bird then chewed the shaft almost to the skin.  The other feather is a secondary that has been severed about half way down the shaft.


Deformed feathers.gif (47377 bytes)The feathers to the left are deformed; they were exposed to aloe juice, aloe gel, a product called GentaVed, which contains Gentamicin and Betamethasone, as well as a lot of water from soaking the bird to alleviate skin discomfort.  As these feathers came in, the tips of the feathers came out of the shaft; on some of them, you can see a long thread which is the  unformed shaft. 


Dirty Feathers.gif (40840 bytes)And, the feathers to the right were also exposed to an excessive amount of aloe juice, aloe gel, and GentaVed.  If you look very closely, you will see the white debris on the shaft of the upper right feather; this is an example of hyperkeratosis.




Blood Feather.jpg (20001 bytes)Blood Feather Closeup 1.jpg (23251 bytes)Blood Feather Closeup.jpg (25024 bytes)Damaged Flight.jpg (23255 bytes)



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