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Feather Picking Links:  Basic Articles on Feather-Destructive Behaviors

  1. How to Manage Feather Picking
  2. The Complexities of Feather Destructive Behavior
  3. Feather Destruction
  4. The Holistic Bird Newsletter
  5. "Feather Destruction: Are There Solutions?" by Carolyn Swicegood


Basic Bird-Related Sites

  1. Parrot Chronicles
  2. AvianNetwork
  3. Your Parrot Place
  4. Feather Fantasy
  5. BirdsNWays
  6. Pet Bird Report
  7. Gillian's Help Desk (Toxicology)
  8. Old World Aviaries (Scott Lewis)
  9. Parrot House
  10. Parrot Talk Connection
  11. Pet Bird Report Articles
  12. Association of Avian Veterinarians
  13. Up At Six
  14. Recipe Exchange
  15. The Challenge (formerly TGPC) - A non-profit organization that raises funds to support PDD research
  16. Rob Harvey Zoological & Link Directory
  17. Quakerville
  18. Parrot Clubs
  19. Parrot Pages


Health-Related Sites

  1. Birdsafe - Giardia Info
  2. Land of Vos, Aloe Detox
  3. Land of Vos, Kitchen Physician
  4. Avian Lighting Needs
  5. Flower Essence Therapy for Animals
  6. Holistic Bird Site
  7. Holistic Health Care for People and Animals
  8. Poopology
  9. Exotic Pet Vet (Margaret Wissman, DVM)
  10. Citricidal and Nutribiotic GSE
  11. The Pet Medicine Chest: Natural Solutions for Animal Health

Wing Clipping

  1. Wing Clipping by Margaret Wissman, DVM
  2. Wing Clipping
  3. Wing Clipping and the African Grey by Bobbi Brinker



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