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The Feather Picking List began in February 2000 to

provide information about feather-destructive causes and solutions
provide moral support to members who have feather-picking or self-mutilating birds
motivate members to seek and discover solutions that work

Consistent with these goals, discussions will be held regarding the factors surrounding and contributing to feather picking.  Rarely is there just one reason for feather-destructive behaviors, and by taking an in-depth look into possible contributing factors, we can assist list members look at their own situations to potentially improve different areas of bird-keeping. 

Guest speaker participation will provide additional information.  


Feather Picking List Guidelines 

1.   The list subject is feather destructive behaviors in birds and their solutions.  Anything else is off-topic.  This list exists for three primary purposes:  To disseminate information about feather destructive behaviors and how this knowledge can be applied in a given situation, to provide emotional support and feedback to people who have feather picking birds, and to encourage and empower owners to seek and find solutions to their birds' feather destructive behaviors.  Posts containing information inconsistent with these stated purposes are not appropriate.

2.    We respect and are tolerant of one another's opinions.  This doesn't mean we have to agree.  It does mean that we can disagree with respect for the other person's feelings and beliefs. Please do not take disagreement personally.  Disagreeing is not the same as a personal attack.  There will be no name calling, personal attacks, or comments intended to hurt or demean the person we disagree with - either posted publicly to the list or privately to an individual list member.

3.    We strive for accuracy and to increase the body of knowledge about feather abusive behaviors.  Therefore, opinions should be supported with fact and details of personal experience.  If these are not provided, we may courteously challenge and request additional information.  Feather picking in parrots is a complex problem about which we are still learning.  Therefore, it is critical that we strive to disseminate only the most accurate and true information we have. If you make a statement, you should be prepared to back it up with more than an unfounded opinion.

4.    Since our body of knowledge about the causes of feather abusive behaviors is still in it's infancy, everyone with ideas and personal experiences about the problem is encouraged to share these with the list.  We are all in this together and many times the solutions to such problems are very individualized. You do not have to be an authority to have valuable information to share.

5.    When replying to a post:

       a.  Do not quote the whole post.

       b.  Please *do* quote the sentence or two that describes to what you are replying and paste it into your reply.

       c.  Do not send a reply like: "That was a great idea, Maggie."    

6.    Do not send one-liners to the list, such as the above in 5c.  These replies should be sent to individuals privately, since they tend to clutter up the list and do not contribute to the sharing about the subject of the list.

7.    Private conversation, or responses that are directed to only one person on the list, should be taken off-list and sent privately.   

8.    Cross-posting, either to the list or information off the list, is expressly prohibited unless prior authorization has been secured from either a list owner or the list advisor.

9.   When posting to the list, put something in the subject line, or change the subject line to reflect the topic of your post.  This is very important because list members use the subject line to determine whether or not to read the post. 

10.  Do not send image files, graphics, jokes, virus alerts, chain letters, attachments, advertising for personal gain, animal rights' issues, money-making schemes, tear-jerker stories, forwarded letters or HTML letters to the list.  Any messages that do not pertain to feather abusive behaviors in birds, their causes and their solutions, are inappropriate for the list.

11.  No surveys of subscribers can be initiated without prior permission form one of the list owners or advisor. 

13.  To reach a human about any concerns, complaints, or questions you might have about the list, send an email to: <>

13.  All subscription options can be modified from the Feather Picking Group at eGroups web site.  



1.    First offense, offender receives a warning from one of the list owners or the list advisor.

2.    Second offense, offender will lose posting privileges for a period of one week.

3.    Third offense, offender will be banned from the list.

These guidelines will be revised as necessary.

To subscribe to the list, please click on the following link:


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