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Introducing the Bud Man!

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Buddy is owned by Maddie, and they live in Michigan.  Maddie became Buddy's Mom in March 1999 when he was the age of 1.5 yrs old; he was feather plucked and had very dry skin. He lived in a house with smokers, ate seeds and junk foods (lots of sweet and salty stuff), and was probably never bathed.  He wasn't given much attention, as the woman that owned him bought 2 birds to "keep each other company." The lady that owned him did nails in her home and Buddy and his brother were living in the room where she did the nails. (One of the tech's at my vets took his brother.)

When Maddie took him for his vet check, Buddy was diagnosed with Giardia; overall he wasn't in very good shape.  After 3 rounds of treatment for the Giardia, which was very bad, and a lot of disinfecting he finally stopped plucking and his feathers grew back. It took almost a year, during which he intermittently plucked, for Buddy to become fully feathered.

Buddy was clearly uncomfortable with bathing, but Maddie persisted by misting him and making a game out of bathing.  His skin was so scaly and dry it had to be done.  Maddie also introduced him to fresh fruits and

Nine months later Buddy began plucking again as the Giardia had returned. It was just after the holidays and the vet thought that perhaps stress had lowered his immune system so that he became vulnerable to the Giardia casts that lay dormant, as it can be difficult kill all of them. At that time, Maddie had her other bird, Cloie, tested for Giardia as well, and she too tested positive.  Both birds were treated for four weeks.  

In January 2001, Buddy began plucking again, but this time he is negative for Giardia. With each passing year, his plucking is diminishing.  Buddy is still afraid of new things  and doesn't play with his toys much. Currently, he is fully flighted, which seems to have given him more self-confidence.  


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This is Casey, owned by Roe





This is Copper, who is owned by Debbie Schmitt.

copper.jpg (150513 bytes)I rescued Copper in 1998.  He has not been DNA sex, but I believe he is a he.  I am his 3rd owner.  He was bought from a VERY reputable breeder.  Before he was a year old he started plucking.  I was told he was in an outside aviary with a bunch of cockatiels.  Just after he was a year old the owner became frustrated with his plucking & gave him to the second person. 

He tested positive for giardia either by the first or second owner and was treated.   He was also tested for anything else that might cause him to pluck.  Copper hated the man who took him, but loved his girlfriend.  They became frustrated with his plucking too, plus he hated the man.  He was about 2 years or less old by the time he came to live with me.  I had him retested for giardia, and he was again positive.  I believe he originally got the giardia when he was outside with the cockatiels. 

Copper is terrified of being held and appears to be very fearful of many things.  The look in his eyes is one of usually terror.  My vet suggested haldol, which he tolerated very well, and Copper proved very easy to medicate with the haldol.  Very little is easy with Copper.  He'll do real well about plucking for a while (2 or 3 weeks) then rips them all out.  He usually doesn't have a tail, which would help him with balance, if he would let it grow.  He is very clumsy & unsure of himself.  He spends most of his time walking around on the floor and sitting on the rungs of chairs.  I believe he is about 3 years old.


Presenting Kiwi, owned by Candace Harris:

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Sammy - Owned by Maggie Buchanan

December 1999

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