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The "Articles" pages contain excellent information such as:

Recommended vet tests
The Avian Behavior Consultant's role and approach to assisting clients
The avian physical exam
The veterinarian's approach to diagnosing and treating feather-destructive disorders
Information regarding MSM and the MSM Study
The Optimal Environment:  A four part series of articles 

Please address any questions, comments or suggestions regarding this information to the list, so that our members may benefit from the discussion.

This is a "living" website in that it will be continually revised and updated as new information and concepts are developed in the aviculture community.

October 22, 2000:  Dr. Tammy Jenkins, DVM, graciously provided an updated copy of her presentation entitled, "The Basics of Featherpicking."   Dr. Jenkins' contribution of improved methodologies for diagnosing and treating feather-abusive disorders, as well as increasing public awareness, is sincerely appreciated by all who share their homes and lives with avian companions that have fallen victim to this distressing affliction. 

December 26, 2000:  New articles have been published.  "The Optimal Environment" by Pamela Clark is now available online.  Information regarding the nutritional supplement MSM and the MSM Study has also been posted.  The MSM Study was implemented in an attempt to determine the efficacy of treatment on featherpicking birds.  The Toy page was launched today - however, it's still not too late to submit your ideas.  Also, new FAQs have been added.

January 7, 2001:  A new theme and navigational structure was applied to the entire website, one that we hope visitors will find appealing, easy to read and to navigate.  Also, the Recipe page was changed to "Nutrition," and was totally reformatted; the recipes can now be accessed through links at the bottom of the page.  Pam's information on converting seed junkies has been added, as well as her Layered Salad recipe.

September 11, 2001:  Three new Optimal Environment articles by Pam have been added: Part 2, Feeding Our Parrots Well ; Part 3, The Creative Cage; and Part 4, The Social Climate.   In addition, we now have a complete case history posted on Sammy, a male Congo African Grey, owned by Maggie Buchanan. 

Foraging ideas that provide extra stimulation and distraction is a coming attraction.  If you have any toys or foraging ideas that have worked well for your birds, please submit them to Maggie Buchanan at the email address below.  

Best regards,

Maggie Buchanan, Webmistress

Pamela Clark, Website Advisor





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