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PamelaClark.html.gif (131243 bytes)Pamela Clark works full time in the field of aviculture. She lives in Atascadero, California with her husband and youngest son, Clayton, who also breeds birds. Her educational background is in the fields of journalism, nutrition, and horticulture. She worked as a vocational rehabilitation counselor, paralegal, and retail store manager before leaving the work force.  Pam now specializes in breeding and raising Congo African Greys. Her goals in this are two-fold: first, to rear the most well-socialized birds she can, and secondly, to engage in some research and experimentation to determine which avicultural practices will accomplish that best. This experience has afforded her some unique insights into these fascinating parrots.

Pam Clark at 2000 PBR.jpg (65706 bytes)She also has a behavioral consulting practice, working with many parrot species, but especially African Greys and the problems unique to that species. Her special areas of interest include feather picking, phobic behavior, the development of speech in parrots, and the rehabilitation of rescued Greys. She shares her life with 14 companion parrots, 11 of whom were rescued from poor or abusive conditions. In addition, Pam writes for two publications, the Pet Bird Report and the Grey Play Round Table, and serves as copy editor for the Pet Bird Report.

Pam can be reached at the following:

Pam Clark

Clark Exotics

3620 Arena Road

Atascadero, CA 93422

(805) 466-9023





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