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This site is devoted to owners of birds that engage in feather-destructive behaviors such as chewing, plucking, barbering and pulling of feathers, and skin mutilation. 





Coming Soon:

Avian Employment:  Things and ways to keep your bird distracted and engaged in healthy activities!  If you have made or bought any toys that have provided extra distraction and stimulation for your bird, or if you have ideas on how to encourage foraging, please send them to Maggie Buchanan


What's New:

"The Optimal Environment, Part 2:  Feeding our Parrots Well" by Pamela Clark

"The Optimal Environment, Part 3:  The Creative Cage" by Pamela Clark

"The Optimal Environment, Part 4:  The Social Climate" by Pamela Clark

"Case History:  Sammy" by Maggie Buchanan



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